The following are the basic policies that I strive to maintain concerning confidentiality and protection of vital information for anyone who is known or presumed to be living:

No Living Person Data

We will not publish any details about living individuals other than their names and will not publish such information elsewhere on the website, nor will we make it available by any other means to anyone other than known close relatives.

Presumption of Death

For purposes of administering the policy, if we do not know conclusively whether a person is living or deceased, all persons born less than 75 years ago are presumed to be living, and all persons born 75 or more years ago are presumed deceased (please notify me of any instances where we are mistaken).

Mailing Address Privacy

In the source bibliography some items are provided by living persons (e.g., by email, GEDCOM, letters, interviews, etc.) and will often include the town and state of the provider's residence. This data will be removed upon request by any of those people.

E-mail Address Privacy

Email addresses are contained in any emails saved in the database. For source bibliography the email addresses of data providers are recorded within the TMG Master Source List, but are not printed in reports or on the website. Persons requesting specific email addresses for intended genealogy communication may have their requests forwarded to the target email and it is up to that individual to decide whether or not to respond.

Public Information

The foregoing policies not withstanding, we may publish information in various narrative entries from public databases (e.g., census returns), news articles (e.g., obituaries) or other textual information that has been made widely and publicly available. However, if such information has been published about you or your family and you do not wish it to appear in reports or on our website, the information may be removed upon request.

Problem Notification

However diligent we may be in adhering to our privacy guidelines, we may inadvertently let something slip through. If we have published something that you don't feel we should have, I urge you to immediately notify me, so we can correct the mistake.


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Permission for Use

Upon written request, we will happily grant others the right to use selected and limited copies of our content as long as the this website is cited as the source and the content is not being used for commercial purposes.