"All Gave Some, Some Gave All"

attributed to: Korean War veteran, Howard William Osterkamp

It is with great pride that I have been able to document at least some level of participation in the military service of the United States by at least 1,200 individuals in my research. Following is a breakdown of the number of persons by conflict: (Note: these numbers are entered manually and may be in need of updating...my apologies).

Conflict        #
Revolutionary War 100
War of 1812 28
Civil War 272
Spanish - American War 5
World War One 133
World War Two 321
Other Wars / Peace Time 341
Total 1,200

United States Military Members

United States Military Service Veterans

The following are indices of all persons in my database who have served in the Military. The first index includes all persons who have served in the military. The other indices include the persons by conflict. While viewing an index, you may click on a persons name to go to their Person Page. Use your browser back key to return to this page or the Menu buttons at the top right to navigate to another area.


The American Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Veterans

fought from 19 Apr 1775 to 3 Sep 1783. There were about 50,000 Americans killed or wounded during the war. Click here for more about The American Revolutionary War also known as The American War of Independence.

Revolutionary War Patriots:

Patriots who fought alongside General George Washington and the American Colonists for their Freedom from the King of England 

Revolutionary War British Sympathizers:

British sympathizers who fought for England against the Colonists 


War of 1812 (Second War of Independence)

The War of 1812

fought from 18 Jun 1812 to 18 Feb 1815. Roughly 15,000 Americans died as a result of this war. Click here for more about the War of 1812.

  • War of 1812 Index

    The War of 1812 was considered by many to be the Second War of Independence.


American Civil War (War Between the States)

The United States Civil War

fought from 12 Apr 1861 to 9 Apr 1865 (last shot fired 22 Jun 1865). The war pitted American versus American and approximately 625,000 souls lost their lives. For more information about the United States Civil War click here.

Civil War Union:

Soldiers who fought for the Union and against their fellow Americans

Civil War Confederates:

Soldiers who fought for the Confederacy of the South against the Union troops


Spanish American War

Spanish American War

fought from April 25, 1898 to August 12, 1898. Only 379 U. S. soldiers died in combat. For more information about the war, click here Spanish American War.


World War One (The Great War)

World War One

fought from 28 Jul 1914 – 11 Nov 1918. One of the deadliest conflicts in human history. Total American casualties are estimated at 116,516. For more information about World War One, click here.


World War Two

World War Two

fought from 1 Sep 1939 to 2 Sep 1945. Another of the deadliest conflicts in human history. Total American casualties are estimated at 116,516. For more information about World War Two, click here.


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