This page is for additional information to help in naviagting this website.

   The menu is at the top of each page. To make your visit more enjoyable and productive, here is a short explanation of the menu: 

  •  Home  You are currently on the Home page. The background color ( Home ) of a menu item changes color when the cursor hovers over it or it is the active button.
  •  Notes Here are various notes (and a few genealogical opinions) concerning my research that I am passing along. I have also included my Privacy Policy and Some Lessons Learned.
  •  Searches This menu item to various indices and a very powerful search function that you can use to locate people in my database using various known details such as: names (partial, first, last, etc.), locations, dates, etc.
  •  Lists There are many different lists that allow you to narrow the focus on a group or groups of individuals. You are urged to check out some of them and see what you can learn.
  •  Exhibits Pictures and other items are contained here. Currently there are separate exhibits for Females and Males, Icon Legends that I use and some Blank Forms that may be of interest to researchers.
  •  Charts Here are some preformatted genealogy charts and a few maps that may be of interest.
  •  Other  Some interesting historical links and information. 

   At the bottom of each page is some general information such as my copyright notice, some (hopefully) witty and thought provoking Quotations and my name and contact information. You may reach me by clicking on my name or simply sending an email to:

Happy Hunting!

Four Generations of Mercers with names and links to each individual. Press here.