Three Indices are available to make searching easier.


Preformatted indices available are: Location, Surname and Person. Following is a description of each.

  1. Location This is a complete listing of all locations in my database. By clicking on a Location name you will see two things: 1) A list of all the people who had events that occurred in that place and 2) icons for Bing and Google to view a map of the place. Since different events may have different locations within a place, there may be multiple map icons. By hovering over the map icons, you can see the specific address location. By clicking on the person name you can go directly to the Person Page and see all of the details for that person.
  2. Surname This is a listing of all of the surnames and a count of the number of persons attached to those surnames. If you press the surname, you will see all the individuals names with that surname. From there, you may click on the individual and go directly to their Person Page.
  3. Person If you know the individual you are looking for, you may use the following index to find the Person Page for that person.